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Burn Fat Build Muscle - 4 Tips To Get You Doing Both Efficiently

Burn fat build muscle can become a mantra to those of us that seriously work out on a regular basis. The whole aim of working out is to keep yourself in good condition, which means reducing the fat you are carrying and building muscle to make yourself stronger. Many people still don't understand the fundamental principles, so read on to find out how to burn fat and build muscle.

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Tip 1

Do lots of cardio. You'll never burn fat build muscle without it. If you have a regular lifting routine, the chances are you eat far more than a regular person. That's okay, it's all good fuel to help those muscles grow back bigger and stronger, but if you want to be big AND defined, you'll need to do a lot of cardio to burn off the excess carbs and fat. Running or skipping are popular methods to do this.

Tip 2

A great tip to help you burn fat/build muscle while you work out is to vary the amounts of weight you lift - true, to get truly good gains and build muscle, you need to lift as much as you can without straining yourself, but did you know lightening things up a little, say once a week, will help you burn calories by exercising other areas of the muscle? Lighter weights and lots of reps is a huge calorie burner, and will give you a more sculpted look to the muscle.

Tip 3

Another great way to burn fat - build muscle at the same time is to get into some kind of circuit training. It's not a service offered at all gyms or health centers, but if you can find it, get involved. Imagine a running track with weight lifting equipment in the middle. You run, and then you lift, then you run, then you lift. You get the picture. There are no breaks, you do a lap, then you lift, then you do another lap. It's HUGELY tiring, but burn fat/build muscle soon become the same thing, and will probably get you into the best shape of your life.

Tip 4

The last tip is fundamental for many people, but it's surprising how many serious workout fanatics just ignore the idea of watching what they eat. You don't have to eat like a supermodel, but if you are careful about the way your daily intake is made up, you can see significant reductions in fat and an increase in muscle mass without ever changing your workout. Burn fat + Build muscle = less work -who doesn't want more gains without more work?

There's more to getting the perfect body than just blindly lifting weights, so hopefully this guide will help you to burn fat and build muscle. Click the links below for more advice, and good luck!

burn fat build muscle



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